Burger Beast Approved Restaurants

If you see the Burger Beast “Approved” Sticker at a food establishment prepare yourself for a treat because that means The Burger Beast gave it his seal of approval.

List of “Approved” Burger Beast Restaurants:

Broward/Palm Beach County:

  • O-B House
  • Sybarite Pig

Miami Dade County/Monroe:

  • Daddy’s Grill
  • Islas Canarias’ Cafe
  • The Local Craft
  • Laurenzo’s Italian Market
  • SpecialTEA Lounge

Ft. Myers:

Marco Island:


Orlando Area:

  • Dessert Lady
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About Burger Beast

I started writing the Burger Beast food blog to tell folks about those little forgotten gems in South Florida. Over the course of the last 5 years or so I've added News, Opinions, & Tips on a variety of Food related subjects. My first love will always be Burgers but Comfort Food is where it's at. At the end of the day I’m a regular dude who writes about a bunch of things I think you should know about.
  • Malcolm 97ave

    Somebody Fly me Back to Miami!!

  • http://www.electronsolarenergy.com Kevin

    8 oz burger bar is not BB approved? im Shocked!

  • roby roby

    Surprised that BURGERFI by David Manero or THE OFFICE are not on the approved list.. What’s the criteria? thanks..

    • zoe

      can’t speak about the office, but burgerfi is sooo overrated. you must work for mr. manero.

  • Keith

    You have pizza places so assume it is not limited to burgers…what about Miami’s Best Pizza…which is in fact Miami’s best pizza!?

  • Nate K

    How you haven’t hit Big City Dogs in Davie (or on Commercial Blvd.) for one of their burgers is beyond me. Voted New Times best burger 2 years in a row, and OBSCENELY good (the burgers, dogs, cheesesteaks, sausage, italian beef, and malts/milkshakes are to DIE for).

    Not a paid advertisement, just an unabashed fan.

  • tyler

    Please give Joe Joe’s Tacos on commercial Blvd.a try. The tacos are good but the specials and queso dips are outrageous. my personal favorite is the spicy quac. followed by the chicken and asparagus tostado. WOW!