Delicious Burger, Slider, and Mini Burger Recipes

The Burger Beast Recipe Page:

The Burger Beast’s Frita 

Chef Jorge’s Amstel Light Burger

GhenghisJuan’s Sliders aka Mini Burger

Ingrid Hoffman’s Guachup

Ingrid Hoffman's Latin Burger

Ingrid Hoffman’s Latin Burger Recipe

Jonathan Bennett’s Moxie Burger 

Meat Market Kobe Sliders Recipe by Chef Sean Brasel

Michael’s Genuine Burger with House Smoked Bacon & Vermont Cheddar

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

Nitza Villapol’s Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Nitza Villapol’s Cheeseburger

Outback Steakhouse Honey Mustard

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    Beautiful !

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    your food looks perfect and delicious .,i’d love to have them here in our place (philippines).,do you offer franchising? this one is really a good idea and unique.,like to this!

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