The Burger Beast Newsletter: The Burgerlution

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If you’ve arrived at this page it means you’ve signed up for The Burger Beast “Burgerlution” Newsletter.  Thanks for reading The Burger Beast, below are 5 of our most popular posts, they’re good starters:

  • James

    TOBACCO ROAD!!!! Death Burger is where it's at!

  • camille

    First time for six of us last night at the BTTR on 127th and Biscayne. It was wonderful. Sampled fair from at least 10 trucks. We ate good. No complaints, only compliments.

  • Just came back from the Burger Beast affair on 127th ave. Just awesome!! Got to taste food from a lot of different venues, and am very interested on visiting some of these venues in the future for their great food. Am actually thinking of doing a photo project on the food trucks!!

  • eduard

    where is next friday? please

  • ralph quintana

    Please I need to know, your road schedule, for the summer. thanks ralph miami