The Burger Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada

Burger Bar, Las Vegas, Nevada

My bud Yislin ate at Burger Bar and sent me this:

I was recently in Las Vegas and very anxious to try out a place I had heard about, through the Burger Beast, called Burger Bar. Burger Bar is located in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino (aka Mandolin Bay depending on which drunkard you speak to). Snuggled in between shops and across from LUSH ( a Canadian all natural cosmetics company.Go Canada!) you’ll find burger nirvana. It’s a quaint little place that typically has a line of hungry burger connoisseurs but if you opt for a bar stool, no wait necessary. That’s what we did ( I refer to my fellow travelers Bert and Ernie). Straight to the Bar we went and found, to our amazement, that this burger joint had a wondrous selection of draft and bottled beer as well. Besides the usual domestic blah of beers you will find that they have refreshing Belgian brews such as Duvel and Delirium. They also carry your Stella, Blue Moon, Anchor Steam, Boddington’s, Newcastle and the like. But I digress, let’s move on to the burgers. Let’s first mention that the Burger Bar’s owner and chef is Hubert Keller, which is famous to the people who know him. I mentioned his name to appear a more experienced critic but I have no clue who this fella is.

Rossini Burger – Kobe style Wagyu beef (Australian), sautéed Foie Gras, shaved truffles on an onion bun, picture by
Rossini Burger – Kobe style Wagyu beef (Australian), sautéed Foie Gras, shaved truffles on an onion bun, picture by

At Burger Bar you have your choice of almost anything you want, as far as beef is concerned. You may choose amongst farm raised and corn fed beef, black angus, Kobe beef, Colorado lamb, salmon steak, turkey, vegetarian patties or chicken. I think they also have buffalo meat on the menu. You may build-your-own burger ( kinda like build-a bear with more calories) or choose from the already crafted variety. They have many toppings to choose from including lobster and foie gras( the $60 burgers). After adding the toppings, the burger isn’t cheap. My deliciously designed burger ( turkey, jalapeno bacon, provolone cheese and a fried egg along with sweet potato fries) cha-chinged it’s way to about 16 dollars ( in today’s economy that’s like 2 euros for the foreign crowd, lucky you). Needless to say, it was amazing! I would pay that and more for such a delectable dish. I forgot to mention that while the fries (and every single topping) are a la carte, you have a choice of skinny fries, fat fries, sweet potato fries or cajun fries. They are DE-LISH as well. It was a hearty meal and with the couple of tasty Belgian brews I had, it made for very good times at Burger Bar. I would visit time and time again. I wish there was a Burger Bar here in Miami! My only regret is that I did not try the burger desserts. They are donuts topped with delicious things like chocolate and ganache. Maybe next time my burger sweetie, maybe next time.

Burger Bar
3930 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada
Hours: Sun-Thurs 10:30AM-11PM, Fr/Sat 10:30-3AM

Burger Beast

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