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OneBurger in Coral Gables – CLOSED

Double Cheeseburger Stack

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What I really like is the variety of Burgers available at OneBurger. I’ve pretty much worked my way through the menu and tasted a good majority of the Burgers. You can also get any of the Burgers served on a Whole Wheat Bun and there’s Chicken, Seafood, Vegetarian & Turkey Burgers on the menu.

The Nifty "To Go" OneBurger Bag
The Nifty “To Go” OneBurger Bag

My 2 particular favorite Burgers on their menu are the Double Cheeseburger Stack (twin 4 oz. patties with Cheddar and American Cheeses and I add Applewood Bacon) and the Black Castle Burger.

Double Cheeseburger Stack
Double Cheeseburger Stack

The Black Castle Burger is very reminiscent in taste of a White or Royal Castle slider. It has finely chopped Onions with American Cheese and Ketchup. Now, before someone jumps down my throat for having Ketchup on a Burger, this is one of the exceptions to my self imposed no Ketchup on Burgers rule. The Black Castle, I believe is meant to recreate a particular Burger taste, Ketchup is necessary in that process. The only odd thing is your Burger is always served cut in half but I’m assuming you can ask for that not to happen.

OneBurger - Coral Gables, Florida

Black Castle Burger
Black Castle Burger

As far as sides go, under the “Fries, Etc.” heading on their Menu you can find Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Onions Rings (Beer Battered) and Yuca Fries.  All are good choices but the Sweet Potato Fries and Yuca Fries do really stand out.

Regular Fries
Regular Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet Potato Fries

If you’re looking for taste and variety, OneBurger is the word and don’t you forget it.

We are One:

OneBurger is CLOSED
367 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, Fl

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