Mona Lisa Pizzeria and Sub Shop in Miami, Florida

I’ve driven past Mona Lisa Pizzeria Sub Shop many times on my way home from work. I’ve ordered from there years ago but I was not really too impressed with their pizza. The issue I had was that the pizza never arrives hot but warm and if you order too many toppings, same issue. So, I decided I’d give them another try and order their White Pizza (Ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, olive oil & oregano). I liked the pizza but I’ve had a better White Pizza (try the Big Cheese).

White Pizza

Much to my surprise, there was a burger on their menu, so I of course ordered it. A 1/2 lb Charbroiled Hamburger (I ordered mine with Swiss Cheese) and I thought it was relatively good considering this was a pizza place.

Mona Lisa Burger


They could have gone the frozen patty route. It’s pretty obvious they make the burger themselves and I commend them for that. The fries I ordered were a nice greasy companion to the burger. I also tried their Meatballs & Cheese Sub and this is definitely more their strong suit.


Mona Lisa Pizzeria & Sub Shop
4751 SW 8th St, Miami, Fl


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    The Godfather Sub is the way to go.