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In the early 1990’s I got lost in Davie with a friend of mine and we were starving. We came across a Char-Hut and pulled into the drive-thru.  We stuffed our faces and I remember in particular enjoying a chili dog that night. I never thought I would eat there again. I hadn’t even thought of Char-Hut in years. Last year I was driving in Sunrise and came across one . I couldn’t believe it. So, flash forward to a few days ago when again I’m in Sunrise and decide to go for it.

Would this place be the same Char-Hut I remember from years ago? I ordered their 1/3 Lb. Charburger (they asked if I wanted double meat, without hesitation I said yes, I love meat…and yes I’m trying to set myself up for a joke).

Double Charburger
Hot Dog (hey, I didn’t ask for that ketchup!)

Their 32nd anniversary celebration was in full bloom (who celebrates their 32nd?) so their Regular All-Beef Hot Dog was $1, I figured it’d give it the college try.  The Charburger reminds me of the Miami Subs Burger , not that there’s anything wrong with that (but it’s nothing I’d make a drive for) . The hot dog was really good (it’s National Deli) and I’m sure that has to do with the fact it’s all beef. In case you haven’t realized it by now, I can’t get seem to get enough of that.

This particular Char-Hut location is now closed.

2601 N. University Drive Sunrise, FL 33322

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