Fritas Domino La Original In West Miami, Florida

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Fritas Domino La Original has been around since 1961, but not at this particular location. It used be somewhere in Little Havana. The decor and seating have a very 1970s skating rink feel to it. The oddest thing  was that after I placed my order and went to fill my cup with Coke, (it tasted absolutely horrendous) there was a group of older people who were seated having a very Que Pasa USA? ( a Miami TV show which was in Spanglish) conversation.

Fritas Domino in the Miami Herald
Fritas Domino in El Nuevo Herald
Fritas Domino in El Nuevo Herald

This one guy was speaking in perfect English, the little old lady was responding in cliche ridden Spanish and the other fellow was just silent. They were discussing Cuba. I know, what a shock, discussing Cuba in a Frita joint. Anyway, so I order a Frita (generally a mixture of some ground Meat and/or Pork with Chorizo and Paprika), a Perro Enrollado (Hot Dog wrapped in Bacon) and an order of Fries and the previously mentioned horrible Coke which I dumped in its entirety.

Perro Enrollado

The fries were bad and tasted like oil. The Perro Enrollado while a great idea, was flawed in execution. The Hot Dog was some cheapy dog split in half, with American cheese in the middle and then wrapped in Bacon. It was served on Cuban bread and topped with the Julienne Potatoes with some Ketchup layering the bottom. The center was cold and somehow the cheese was not even melted.

Fritas Domino’s Frita
An Almost Gone Frita from Fritas Domino

The Frita (with Julienne Potatoes, Ketchup and diced Onions) was pretty good. I was disappointed that a regular Hamburger roll was used instead of a Cuban bread roll. It did have a Chorizo flavor and there was a slight sweetness to it. If you check out Fritas Domino, I’d stick to a Frita with a glass bottle of Coke & you’ll be good.

Fritas Domino La Original
936 SW 67th Avenue Miami, Fl 33144

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  • Carlos Miller

    why is it so hard for these people to use Cuban rolls? That kills me.

  • Jimmy

    I guess it's hard to stock Cuban rolls with so few Cuban bakeries in Miami…

  • J.J.

    The Cuban Bread Roll appreared only in recent years. Growing up in Miami during the sixties all of the fritas used soft rolls. The cuban bread I think was a matter of necesity in cuba when they no longer were able to produsce the softer rolls and all they had available was the cuban bread due to lack of ingridients or local demand. The new generations grew up with the cuban bread rolls and got used to it. However unless the cuban bread is very fresh, it gets hard and dry which takes away from the taste.

  • Jorge Villalba

    I’ve been to this new frita domino, though I grew up eating the original which was located on 8 street and 12th avenue. Unfortunately, these fritas don’t even come close to the fritas made by the father Dagoberto. Fritas back then were 10 cents apiece and you had to eat standing up but my God they were awesome ! I ordered the raw meat frita in order to cook them myself from home for the weekend. The meat was nothing but ground meat with paprika added. These are not fritas but imitations the original frita contained ground chorizo as well. The same can be said for el Rey de las frita on 8th street nice visual presentation but not a real frita.

    • You’re from Tampa? What’s a good Frita over there?