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Betty’s Best Burgers – Pinecrest, Florida – CLOSED

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Betty’s Best Burgers….so this place recently changed its name to Betty’s Best Burgers (how many more times can I say Betty’s Best Burgers ). It was previously Amos Sports Grill and before that Fuddruckers.

How is the place? How different is Betty’s from Amos or from Fuddruckers for that matter and my answer? As George Lopez would say “It’s the same shit, the same shit“. As you know, for emphasis you always say it twice.

I have now started my campaign to rename this place “Fakeruckers”, you heard it here first. I ordered the 1 lb. Burger with Bacon & Cheese as well and an order of Chili Cheese Fries (not pictured). I was a big fan of Fuddruckers’¬†Burgers before they changed their Burgers to make them leaner. Betty’s Best is still doing the old school version of the Fuddrucker’s Burger which is good for me and you.

If I were you, I would stick to all the fresh toppings available in the self serve area and skip ordering the grilled Onions, they don’t taste right. Also try the Honey Mustard here which is different from other Fuddruckers’ locations and much better. The Chili Cheese Fries were pretty good and I must bring this up because I’m a Coke man, they serve Pepsi…….(UPDATE 10-26-09: They now serve delicious and refreshing Coca-Cola).

If you love the original Fuddruckers, then go to Betty’s Best Burgers cause it’s the same…..that’s right.

Oh yeah, let me leave you with this great story from back when it was Amos Sports Grill. They have a full bar but there never seems to be a bartender. So, I was with a few friends and we ordered some White Russians. The manager finally shows up after he was drooling over some veteranas (Cougars in Spanish) that were getting dessert. He asks us what the ingredients are (his words, not mine). He must not have seen the Big Lebowski. Mr. manager looks around finds the Kahlua, finds the Vodka and can not find any half & half. He gets the little half & half containers you’re given for coffee and proceeds to make us possibly the worst White Russian I’ve ever had.

True story….es la verdad.

Betty’s Best Burgers¬†is now Closed
7800 SW 104th St Miami, Fl 33156

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