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I thought long and hard about what I would write about Que Perros. I had a few witty one liners like Two Words: Shit Sandwich (alright so I stole that one from the movie Spinal Tap) or even Que Perros: Que Mierda! I’ve been accused by a few folks of having a fixation with Colombian Fast Food places and they might be right. Well, as of this review I have sworn off these places due to a few factors: 1)The girl who works at Mao rubs me the wrong way 2)I went to Mega Perros and I was served a burger with a moldy bun (yes the bottom had green all over and smelled bad) and 3) The burger at Que Perros tasted like a week old Salisbury steak(more info to follow).

Alright, so let’s get this non party started. I was excited about going to Que Perros and when I showed up at about 12:30AM on a Thursday they were closed. So attempt number 2 came a few days later on Sunday. This place has a very slick look to it. When I walked in, it was empty which as you know is never a good sign for a food place. I ordered a Todoterreno anyway which is a double Burger with Cheese, Ham, Bacon, Potato Sticks and Pink sauce.

Todoterreno Wrapped and Deadly

This thing tasted odd and upon a flavor dissertation of the burger by my friend and I we realized that it tasted like an old Salisbury steak (as previously stated). A friend of ours would not even try it after hearing our conversation. I’d prefer one from Picadilly or from a decade closed Morrison’s Cafeteria. The Hot Dog I had was El Perrito and it comes with Mozzarella cheese, Ketchup, Mustard, Pink sauce, Pineapple sauce and Potato Sticks.

El Perrito

The condiments were actually pretty good but the dog itself was lackluster. It makes Arbetter’s hot dogs taste like real beef. The Maicito was average and had the usual suspects: Pink sauce, melted Mozzarella cheese, Pineapple sauce on Corn kernels. I tell you, proceed with caution when ordering the burger, that is of course if you value your taste buds.

Que Perros! is now Closed

Que Perros!
11980 SW 8th Street Miami, Fl

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