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I’ve been hearing the rumblings about Le Tub for quite a while now. I mean, the most asked question I get is when are you going to write about Le Tub? For those of you who don’t know about the hype, a few years back GQ as well as Oprah named Le Tub’s burger the best in the country.

I had been putting it off but I felt with the weather being a little on the colder side, this was as good a time as any. I was speaking to my friend in the morning when I suggested we should go right when they open that way we would not have to worry about the rumored long wait to be seated or the long wait for burgers (which I’ve heard can be sometimes upwards of an hour). Apparently they can only fit 6 burgers on the grill at a time. If you do make the drive, make sure you slow down because you might pass the place like we did. There was no line to speak off when we arrived nor when we left.

Welcome Sign
Toilets not intended for use

The decor in Le Tub is rather cool with toilets, tubs, and signs all over the place proclaiming that they do not accept credit cards (but there is an ATM available) and it’s right by the water (for you romantic types).

My wife and a friend of ours sat in this secluded little picnic area that seemed to be falling apart(in keeping with all the ambiance). We are handed our photocopied menus but we already knew what we wanted. The ladies ordered 2 cups of chili: Le Tub Chili: Ground Sirloin, fried, drained, then added to our caldron of tomatoes, green peppers, onions and seasonings. I believe I saw beans in there as well.

Chili w/Crackers

The Chili was good and had a little bit of heat. I had a small taste since I had ordered a Chili Cheese Dog. Now that thing was pretty amazing.

Chili Cheese Dog

It had American cheese on it which I thought was a great idea instead of the nacho cheese most places love to use. We also ordered a large order of their steak Fries. I love the thicker cut fries so I was not disappointed. Of course, I had the 13 oz. Sirloin Burger with Swiss cheese.


So how was it? My wife Marcela was not impressed, my friend liked the Chili Cheese Dog better and Me? Well, I thought it tasted liked
Keg South’s burger which I happen to love so it’s no slight to them. The girls also had a slice of Key Lime Pie which they were raving about. It tasted like a lime cheesecake to me but maybe that’s the idea. And for all I have heard about the staff, I thought our waiter was pretty cool. So if you’ve never been here, you should come for the experience alone. It’ll be worth the trip.

Le Tub
1100 N Ocean Drive, Hollywood, Fl

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