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Are there a few friends who you added to your Facebook friends list and you wish you hadn’t? Well then, an ideal situation may have presented itself to you. If you download the Whopper Sacrifice application, install it and remove 10 friends you will be receiving a coupon for a free Whopper. Each friend will be notified via email as they are removed (their pic goes up in flames also) plus the application charts your progress towards the free Whopper with the line, “Who will be the next to go?”. So where does your loyalty lie?

Whopper Sacrifice Facebook page
Whopper Sacrifice Application

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  • Ceasetodream

    BK is slowly becoming that indie hipster kid we all hate because of his cleverness and his/her “trying to hard”approach to things….you’re not 22 years old anymore, BUrger King! Act your age! =)

  • Ceasetodream

    as a follow up, I just found out that the first Burger King was opened in Miami back in 1954! I had no idea. I wonder what the address was.

  • The Burger Beast

    I know that BK headquarters is a few blocks from my house, it’s located off of the dolphin expressway and the nw 57th street exit.

  • Carlos Miller
  • The Burger Beast

    Burger King killed the Facebook promotion a few weeks back.

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