City’s Best Top 10 Burger List

City’s Best South Florida Top 10 Burger List

1) Le Tub
2) Cheeburger Cheeburger
3) Jack’s Old Fashion Hamburger House
4) Flanigan’s
5) Duffy’s Tavern
6) Keg South of Kendall
7) Tobacco Road
8) Rosies Bar & Grill
9) Gables Diner
10) Kingdom

Apparently voters are given a short list and they vote from there. I smell conspiracy. In all honesty, this list is way better than Citysearch’s Top 10.

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  • Jason

    So sad to see two of the best burgers on the beach are not here. Joe Allen’s (trust me give it a try) and Dewey’s.

  • The Burger Beast

    You’re not the first to mention Joe Allen’s to me. It will definitely jump over a few others I had planned to taste soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Anonymous

    HOG HEAVEN ISLA MORADA.the best burgers in florida, le tub is good but the place is not really clean and 0 options……too bad, the service is the worst service arround USA…..if u go some day to Atlanta VORTEX BAR is the # 1 burger restaurant arround USA,

  • Anonymous

    Sorry it is Anonymous, but don't have a Google account, My name is Marc.
    Well I will say about this list I think Rosie's should be a little higher ranked. If you have never been there you should, Great Burgers and atmosphere

  • John H

    Good list, Rosies should be Higher. And where is Five Guys, it should be on there too