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Hooters - Doral, Florida

I’ve been going to Hooters back before anyone even cared about it. We’d walk in and the place was empty. Back then no family in their right mind would go there to have dinner but things have changed. The last few times I’ve been at Hooters I’ve even seen a grandmother celebrating a birthday there.

Curly Fries w/Cheese
Curly Fries w/Cheese
Deep Fried Pickles
Deep Fried Pickles
Buffalo Shrimp
Buffalo Shrimp
Hot Wings
Hot Wings

Hooter’s is predominantly an appetizer place for my friends and I. We order the usual suspects like Wings, Buffalo Shrimp, Deep Fried Pickles, Curly Fries w/Cheese and wash it down with a pitcher of beer. Is this food gonna win any culinary awards no but it does its job. We’re here to shoot the shit and have some apps and there’s nothing wrong with that.

8695 NW 13th Terrace, Doral, Fl

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  • Carlos Miller

    I always get annoyed with Hooter’s because their burgers don’t come with fries. You have to order it separately.

    And now no bun?

    Forget that.

  • Anonymous

    Hooter's food is completly inedible. I have no idea how you can screw-up (not the term I wanted to use, but this is a family site) chicken wings, especially when they are your signature dish. (After the 'Hooters,' I guess…) but they are so bad I had to spit the first and second ones out the 3 times I went there. I left the rest on the plate. And believe me, I love wings!! I tried 3 different versions–one time plain just to see if it was the sauces–and they taste like, well, use the word you think I am going to put there. I mean, they are RANCID! Gross, disgusting, horrible, whatever. Now, the worst part was that the "ladies" were pretty much ugly and flat-chested, too. I see why the one in Boca closed, but I hear they are going to try again soon. Being a fair-minded person–hey, I went three times to spit out gross food and look at ugly women–I will give them another try. Just once this time, however.

    You want wings in Boca? Boca Wings and Ribs. Period. There may be others, but why change when they have been doing it right for 20+ years even if the name has changed once or twice?


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