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Kingdom In Miami, Florida

Onion Rings & Fries

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Due to an overwhelming amount of emails proclaiming the greatness of Kingdom, I felt I should go check the place out. The parking is a bit of a nightmare and if you do go down into that neighborhood it would be a good idea to not get lost. The place is not very big but it’s got a charm about it with some seats inside and tables set up on the outside (in an enclosure).


Let’s see what to get…I check out their menu and look for the burgers first. I come across a Fries/Onion Rings combo as an appetizer.

Onion Rings & Fries
Onion Rings & Fries

My friend orders it. The Fries are crinkle cut and not bad. The Onion Rings were better and both were topped with some seasoning which gave them a nice flavor. My wife and I decide we should also get some wings. You can get them tossed in either BBQ, Honey Mustard or Buffalo Sauce (the bartender may have said another flavor but I can’t recall).

Buffalo Wings in Frank's Red Hot Sauce
Buffalo Wings in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

We get the Buffalo version (tastes like Frank’s Red Hot to me) and love ‘um. Those things were hot, and by hot I mean temperature hot. In the pic above you should be able to see some smoke rising from them.

Chicken Burger
Chicken Burger

My pal orders the Chicken Burger. The Chicken Burger is ground Chicken packed into Burger form no dead chickens were harmed though). She loved it, Marcela loved it and I……you got it, loved it! She added Provolone Cheese and Bacon to it. How could you go wrong with Bacon? There are 3 burgers on the Kingdom menu: Queen (8 oz.), King (12 oz.) and Doomsday (24 oz.).

Kingdom King Burger
Kingdom King Burger

If you can eat the Doomsday Burger in under 15 minutes you don’t have to pay for it. As tempting a proposition as that sounds if I was served a Doomsday Burger at the temperature they served the King Burger at , I would have no palate left. That Burger was smoking hot. I ordered my King Burger with Cheddar and a heaping load of crispy Bacon. It was remarkably delicious. I suggest you get over here and try one of their burgers cause there’s a new King in town.

Kingdom's Doomsday Burger
Kingdom’s Doomsday Burger

Please also check out what happens when I attempt to eat a Doomsday: Here!

Kingdom won Best Burger at the BurgerBeast.Com Awards The Burgies in 2009

Kingdom is unfortunately Closed.

6708 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, Fl

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