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Fatburger – Miami Beach, Florida – CLOSED

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There is a Fatburger on South Beach and when my wife shops at a particular cosmetics store near there it means that I end up with Fatburger for dinner.


From time to time we’ll also eat at the actual Fatburger location. While I decide to go with the Kingburger (1/2 lb. burger), my wife has the Fatburger (1/3 lb. burger) .

The toppings I added to my Kingburger were Cheese, Ketchup and Mayo. Why those toppings? This is a great fast food burger and that’s the holy trinity of fast food condiments.¬† Very reminiscent of Gabe’s Burgers (long gone but not forgotten by me at least) as I recall they had three locations: one on Bird Road across from Bird Bowl, one near the Miami International Airport and the other near the B.J.’s Wholesale Club’s original location in Hialeah on 49th st.

Their big deal though is that they have a Turkey Burger. I did not try it though it’s not something I’m against eating. I prefer the real deal as I’m not calorie counting if I’m eating here. The Onion Rings here are very good and recommended as well are the Fat Fries. I ordered the Chili Cheese Fat Fries which I thought was great but my wife did not seem to share my enthusiasm.

Strawberry Shake

She did love their “Real Ice Cream” Chocolate Shake. Since she loves Ice Cream, it may be something you want to try also. This time though she ordered the “Real Ice Cream” Strawberry Shake and she was less than enamored.

Fatburger is Closed
947 Washington Avenue Miami Beach, Fl 33139

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  • Dietcolalola

    The turkey burgers at Fatburger are absolutley DE-LISH! They are quite juicy and full of flavor. It’s a great alternative when trying to cut calories. Also, overall, turkey meat is healthier and obviously leaner. I wonder if they use organic turkey meat? That, for me, would be phenomenal. The O-Rings are great! Big and fat and full of crunch, just like I like my men. I, like the Burger Beasts’ wife, enjoy a milkshake now and again and Fatburger’s are thick and creamy and simply satisfying( Once again, just how I like my men). Overall, Fatburger is a good burger joint with lots of yumm for your money!

  • Ceasetodream

    wow I haven’t had Fatburger since I lived in Vegas. I can’t believe you didn’t get a fried egg on your burger, that’s the beautiful thing about Fatburger!

  • The Burger Beast

    I didn’t know you could get a fried egg on top.

  • Ceasetodream

    hell. yes.

  • Anonymous

    wow cant wait for the gables location. washington ave is too ghetto for me to eat somewhere so this is good.

    PS: Gabes burgers, that was kinda like Sonic right?

  • loco

    Yea but Gabes burgers had the best fries known to man and the best chocolate shakes.. The one in Hialeah was the best..Please Gabe if your out there come back man

  • Janayah

    Why is the FatBurger at this loction closed? I don’t understand.

    • Reasons unknown but I would guess, lack of business aka the usual reason for closing.

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