El Rey De Las Fritas In Little Havana, Florida

El Rey de las Fritas is one of those restaurants tourists descend upon when they visit Miami. It’s located in Little Havana (possibly the loudest place in Miami) and on Calle Ocho (aka 8th St.) There is no doubt you’re in Little Havana once you walk in and check out the decor. I’ve lived in Miami most of my life but it had been a while since I had been to El Rey.

I headed to the El Rey de las Fritas’ home location which moved from it’s original spot a few years ago after a fire. If you’re into people watching then this is the place for you. There were plenty of characters in this place to suit your needs. I ordered a couple of Fritas (one with cheese and one without) and some fries.

The fries were a standard affair, pretty much what I find at all the Frita establishments. One can only assume everyone took the lead from them and instead of regular fries you can also choose to get the tiny shredded potatoes aka Papas Julianas. The Fritas were very good. I preferred the one with Cheese though when normally I prefer the one without.

El Rey De Las Fritas
1821 SW 8th St, Little Havana, FL

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  • Woe

    I haven’t been to this location but I’ve been to the one out in Hialeah. The Frita w/Cheese I had, it was alright, nothing I would put pen and paper too. Now the Steak Sandwich they have is great, I’d definitely go back for that one.

  • Ericka

    I don’t think I’ve had a frita before this, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. However, I liked it a lot. I would definitely eat it again. Maybe next time I’ll eat it while its still warm=/