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Doomsday Burger....What a beaut!

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Why back to Kingdom so soon? Well, many a person suggested I try to eat the Doomsday. For the uninformed 7 uninitiated that is Kingdom’s 24 oz. aka 1.5 lb. burger served with fries and onion rings. I thought long and hard about who would be the perfect person to go eat the Doomsday with. With any main event you always bring out the big guns, the person who won’t let you down. Who is this person? None other than my cousin Rick, my original eating partner.

Anyways, Rick agrees and I arrive at Kingdom first. No one is here yet. I mention that I’m going to be ordering 2 Doomsday burgers to someone setting the place up ( they just opened). Now the waitress/bartender Cindy shows up and asks what I’m having. I mention I am waiting for someone else but that we both are going to be having a Doomsday. She has yet to see one and seems generally excited that we ordered it (more on her later though). Rick arrives and we discuss pop culture nonsense as usual.

Before we know it, Rod (or Hot Rod as Cindy referred to him, she said it, not me) is serving us our 2 Doomsday burgers. Rick’s Doomsday ordered his bunless. The Doomsday really does look so beautiful I don’t want to eat it but I’ll make the sacrifice. There is a Doomsday Challenge where you must eat the 24 oz. burger along with fries and onion rings in less than 15 minutes. We did not enter into the challenge, all we did was eat the Doomsday.

Rod with 2 Doomsday Burgers
Rod with 2 Doomsday Burgers
Just Arrived Doomsday w/Fries & Onion Rings
Just Arrived Doomsday w/Fries & Onion Rings
Doomsday Burger....What a beaut!
Doomsday Burger….What a beaut!
Kingdom's Doomsday Half Way There
Kingdom’s Doomsday Half Way There
Doomsday Now Gone
Doomsday Now Gone

Rick finished before I did (bunless remember). He also said he could have easily done another half pounder but I find that to be doubtful. I finally finish mine. Neither of us eat the Fries or Onion Rings. Those things are awesome but I have no intention of over stuffing myself today. We’ll wait till someone wants to go head to head with me for that. Not that I’m laying down a challenge or am I?

Kingdom is unfortunately Closed.

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