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Bulldog Barbecue – North Miami, Florida – CLOSED

If you watched season 3 of Top Chef which took place in Miami, then you know who Howie Kleinberg is. If you don’t watch then all you need to know is Bulldog Barbecue is his baby. My cousin Fred and I decide to check out the place and Howie happens to be there (we never bothered him, he seemed busy). The place seats 40 and has a very cool vibe to it. The silverware, as well as some sauces and napkins, are hanging tidily on the wall next to our table.

Sauces & Napkin

We are brought this little metal canister with 2 pieces of cornbread, served cold. Interesting never had it cold before, it was good but it would have been better warm.


The wings had an indescribable flavor, in a very good way (served with a really good Buttermilk blue cheese dressing). We agreed, probably some of the best wings we’ve ever had. As an added bonus, here is Fred showing you his technique for eating wings (You may want to turn down your speakers, it’s a little loud)

The BBQ Chicken Flatbread had some good flavors but honestly I can’t get those wings out of my head (Fred at first said he liked the BBQ Chicken Flatbread better then recants his story and agrees with me about the wings).


We went all out on this one, so this is what else we ordered:

-The Smoked Portobello “Burger” (with caramelized onions, arugula, tomato & balsamic mayo)

-The Black Angus Burger (with caramelized onions, arugula, tomato & chipotle mayo)

-Big Daddy Dog (kosher frank with cheddar, sour kraut & grain mustard)

-Mac and Cheese

I told you we were out of control. All sandwiches were served on potato rolls, with Chipotle or Sweet Fries and Slaw (I don’t like Coleslaw but Fred loved it enough to eat two portions). We both agreed that of the sandwiches or Biscuits as defined on Bulldog Barbecue’s menu we liked the Portobello Burger best. Plenty of flavor and the caramelized onions were a nice touch. I’m not a giant fan of sweet fries but Fred seemed to dig ’em.

Portobello Burger

The Black Angus Burger was pretty good but what I really liked was the Chipotle Mayo. I think Fred said he liked it so much he wanted to smear it all over himself (a thought that hurts my brain plus we all know only men smear).


I liked the Big Daddy Dog, but I’m not a fan of sour kraut. The grain mustard was pretty amazing though. Fred liked the dog the least of all the dishes and then proceeds to admit to me later on that he isn’t a big fan of hot dogs. That’s odd because I have witnessed him down dog after dog in a hot dog eating contest. Hmmmm…

Hot Dog
Sack o’ Sliders

A very close second for both of us was the Sack o’ Sliders, in order of preference:

1. Chicken
2. Brisket
3. Pulled Pork
1. Pulled Pork
2. Brisket
3. Chicken

This is a definite must order item if you come here. Another definite must order is their side of Mac and Cheese. We both loved it. Just a heads up, there does a appear to be some blue cheese in it, which is probably why we liked it so much.

Mac n Cheese

At this point, we figured we might as well order a couple of desserts and finish ourselves off. Fred gets the Hot Chocolate Puddin’ Cake and I order the Apple Turnover.

Puddin Cake
Apple Turnover

Both are outstanding. The Hot Chocolate Puddin’ Cake is a molten chocolate cake with two banana slivers (good choice) on top and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The Apple Turnover was delicious and flaky. When I couldn’t finish my dessert, Fred gladly helped me out. That’s what friends are for.

Check them out:

Bulldog Barbecue is CLOSED
15400 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, Fl

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  • I have a cousin who taught me that same wing method a few years ago. It’s by far the greatest trick ever! Dude!

    Another trick I learned from him is how to remove wing grease from your hands without going to the bathroom. Take a piece of ice from your Coke and rub it in your hands for a bit. Viola!

    Do you think its a coincidental that we’re both pushing 300 lbs? I don’t. It takes hard work and dedication.

  • I just took down some lunch and I’m already hungry again.

    Just wanted to say great blog. Such a fun read – i mean, who doesn’t have their favorite burger spots.

    And to throw my two cents in – suggest you check out this little Colombian joint on Coral Way called Al Carbon. They grill all their burgers over hard wood charcoal. Delicious and open till 6am on the weekends! – Try the criolla burger which has swiss and hogao (a tomato based cheese sauce from Colombia). Unbelievable juicy goodness. Also, they cook your burger to order so if you want it medium, it comes pink in the middle.

    Good luck with the burger search!

  • love the food, wings and burger is one of the best I have had. I now go to bulldog ones a week, I also must say the service is excellent, thank you Manuela you also make it very enjoyable.
    David A

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