• Anonymous

    in gainesville you should hit up pearl country store, best beef brisket in ever and homemade pie. it’s just south of town on 441 (13th street), actually it’s in micanopy.


  • Jay

    Enjoy the trip you guys. I’m looking forward to your reviews.

  • NatNibbles

    Sounds like a fun trip! I went to school in Gainesville and never even went to Whataburger…pretty pathetic.

  • I. C. London

    Waiting to see your thoughts. I was disappointed in Whataburger.

  • Sai

    Awesome trip, Whataburger from what I remember was a decent tasting burger. If you have time, on the trip down from ATL to Gville, try stopping by Savannah. Theres this awesome small place in midtown called “Sweet Potatoes” that has excellent food that charges next to nothing.