Abdullah The Butcher House Of Ribs And Chinese Food In Atlanta, Georgia

My interest in Abdullah The Butcher House of Ribs & Chinese Food lied solely in the fact that I watched wrestling in 1980s. Abdullah The Butcher was a character that scared me and interested me at the same time. Abdullah was known for being ultra violent in the ring and everyone of his matches ended up in a bloodbath. As a kid I thought wrestling might  be a cool job but I couldn’t envision being across the ring from some guy who wanted to grab a fork and jam it into my head to make me bleed.

So when I found about Abdullah The Butcher House of Ribs & Chinese Food, I knew I had to check this place out. The walls are lined with pics from wrestlers, a whole bunch of them autographed and a few of his championship belts.

Abdullah Hall of Fame Wall 1

Abdullah Hall of Fame Wall 2

Near Complete Abdullah Hall of Fame Wall 3

1979 Euro Asian Wrestling Ltd World Title?

1974-76 GWA Assassins World Championship

This portrait behind the register is the best.

Hooded Abdullah Lamp Pic

I was with a few friends of mine who decided to split a whole slab of ribs. I order a Butcher Burger as well as a Chili Dog. We order some wings also, served Hot with fries.

Full Rack of Ribs

The ribs were good and I thought the BBQ sauce was outstanding. The guys seemed to like the ribs as well as the wings/fries too. Just when I thought I was going to get my Butcher Burger, I’m told they are out of burgers. They sub my burger for 2 more Chili Dogs which my buds inherit.

Chili Dog

I really liked the chili dog even though I’m not a big fan of beans in my chili. The fries were of the standard frozen variety but good. All of us felt the Wings were the best thing we tried on the menu.

Buffalo Wings

These things were hot, so much so that I was turning as red as some guy’s chest who Abdullah had just chopped.  After eating, I had to get up and walk around a bit. Those wings killed me.

I wanted to get picture of the sign outside but it was raining. I tell one of the guys , “I’m gonna take out the camera really quick and snap a pic of the sign”. When I hear, “Why you don’t you just take a picture of me?” I turn and look, my eyes are definitely not deceiving me, it’s Abdullah The Butcher! Turns out Abdullah is a pretty cool dude, but you better be nice if you don’t want to get your head bitten.

Abdullah Menu Front (from Feb 2009)

Abdullah Menu Back (from Feb 2009)

Don’t get Bitten in the Head, Eat at:

Abdullah The Butcher House of Ribs & Chinese Food
2387 Fairburn Rd SW
, Atlanta, GA

  • GhenghisJuan

    BRAISED?!? Are you kidding me? That sounds phenomenal.

  • Anonymous

    pretty cool stuff here thank you!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic put up. I just found your internet site and would prefer to say that I have definitely cherished reading by way of your blog site posts. At any fee I'm going to become subscribing to your feed and that i seriously hope you be able to write again soon.

  • Anonymous

    Very nicce!

  • Shane

    Congradulation on making the WWE Hall of fame class of 2011. Well overdue. Its a shame the great King Curtis is not there to join you.

    Shane,New Zealand.

  • http://ring-rap.com Matthew Hester

    I was wondering if we can get a response to the accusations that Abdullah gave Devon Nicholson Hepatitis C in 2009. In the documentary “Don’t Bleed on Me”, Nicholson states that Abdullah has refused to send a sample of his blood work over to his lawyers.

  • marco

    i saw you for the first time in san juan puerto rico fighting carlos colon wooaaaa those were great fights….. now i leave in atlanta ga …..small world …. soon i will go to your restaurant and hope to get a pictures ………

  • http://www.facebook.com/victormreveythingandrews Victor Andrews

    I visited your restaurant this past Saturday in hopes to meet you and see what advice I could get as far as a great path for my wrestling career and enjoyed the food there even though I was unable to meet with you. Your staff has great hospitality and I hope I get to meet with you soon.

  • Cactus Jack

    People, this is NOT the website for Abdullah’s restaurant. Leaving comments for him or the establishment will likely not be seen and almost certainly not be answered.

  • Bholmes

    Roach motel!!! I placed my order then I saw the guest, got a refund and had a drink