Flip Burger Boutique In Atlanta, Georgia

Flip Burger Boutique - Atlanta, Georgia

If I could go back in time I would have changed my order. What was I thinking? First thing is first. Let me give you a little background on Flip Burger Boutique. I was originally under the illusion that Richard Blais from Top Chef was the owner of Flip. I have come to find out his company is a consultant on Flip and that he is the “Creative Director”. Either way, being a fan of Richard Blais(because of Top Chef) was the draw for me here.

My friend John and I walk into Flip and it’s busy. We give our name and wait, which unfortunately gives us an opportunity to dissect the place. We’re looking around and in all honesty, if a bomb landed on this place, I don’t think anyone would be missed. Am I being too harsh? Some dude walked in with green Crocs and a red turtle neck, enough said.

We’re seated and I’m excited because I’ve heard about their Krispy Kreme Milkshakes. I order a Krispy Kreme Milkshake while John (trying to be different) orders the Nutella + Burnt Marshmallow Milkshake. The Shakes are good and when they’re served it looks like some liquid nitrogen is put into play as the cups are smoking.



John goes for what seems to be the safe bet and orders the Flip Burger. I should interject that their patties are 5.5 ounces and a mix of Hanger Steak, Brisket and Short Rib. The Flip Burger includes Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, Homemade Pickles and FLIP Sauce.

Flip Burger

Flip Burger

I decide to go with the Kobe Burger with American Kobe beef, seared Foie Gras (it’s Duck Liver in case you didn’t know), shaved Truffles (rare Mushroom), B&B Pickles and Red Wine Syrup. I figured I’ve seen enough Foie Gras on Top Chef and No Reservations (Anthony Bourdain’s show not the horrible movie) to be convinced I must try this. John takes a bite of his and doesn’t like it. So I dig in literally, my burger taste like a mummy from an excavation. Me no likey.

Flip Kobe Burger

Flip Kobe Burger

John take another bite and says he’s done. He’s not eating anymore. I take the bun off and take a look at my Burger once again before biting in a second time. Wow, this is probably the worst thing I have ever tasted. I’m not lying. I repeat, not worst burger, but worst tasting food ever placed in my mouth. I try John’s Burger and I don’t like it either. The Fries and Onion Rings were Awesome.

I take off the top bun one last time and look down at my burger and I just can’t do it. I can’t bring myself to take another bite. John asks for the bill and we leave. On the car drive out of there, he tells me that every time I lifted my top bun, he felt the horrible smell slap him in the face. I wish someone had slapped me in the face when I decided to order that.

Flip Burger Boutique
1587 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318

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  • Ceasetodream

    wow…the guy in crocs would’ve made me walk the fuck outta there immediately! PEOPLE: CROCS ARE TODDLER SHOES!!

  • GhenghisJuan

    i knew this was coming. the beast thought i was going to vehemently disagree with him, but he’s mistaken. i think he’s right on the money with this review.

    first things first: fois gras at a burger place = menu error. what in the hell were you thinking. i think this is on the menu for douches who wear green crocs, not for burger connoisseurs. we all know a lot of burger’s that carry fois gras on them. the most famous is daniel bouloud’s, they don’t call “db burger” for nothing. although i’m sure the f.g. on db’s burger is much better than what you were served at flip.

    Please, don’t let this bad experience discourage you from some more fois gras experimentation. i would just limit yourself to reputable french restaurants. when its done properly its got a nice crispy rind on it and the taste is reminiscent of a nice piece of fat on a steak, ‘cept better…and different. I think Le Provencal in the Gables is probably a good place to start. http://www.leprovencalrestaurant.com/

    i was going to submit a review of this place to the beast last december but never got around to it. i too am a fan of r blais but this restaurant was less than inspiring.

    we showed up at around 10pm and the place looked a little more like a gay club than a burger joint…not that there’s anything wrong with that, i just thought i was going to a burger joint. that’s ok though, we’re from Miami, we can adapt to dinner in a club plus they have a full liquor bar, and we loves the liqour.

    i ordered the flip burger. it was about as unimpressive as a-rod in october. the beef patty was pretty weak, i think it needed some more fat in the mix. the flip sauce is okay, your standard ketchup/mayo combo sauce. collectively the flagship burger is pretty boring. and that sucks!

    my sister had the Bun Mi, which is a vietnamese pork sausage burger. this one was very good. it was true to vietnamese flavors and quite tasty. me love it long time.

    my bro-in-law ordered a lamb burger. not too shabby. tasted a lot like a gyro. if you’re at flip and want a gyro this is the burger for you. but if your not here and you want a gyro i bet you can find a real gyro someplace else.

    my wife ordered a “butcher cut”. thats a beef burger with caramelized onions, blue cheese and red wine jam. i liked the flavors on this one but, as we mentioned earlier, the beef patty itself is unimpressive. this was “putting a silk hat on a pig”.

    we ordered sweet potato tots, tempura rutabaga, vodka battered onion rings, and french fries as sides. the tots were not very good. i thought they were too mushy and they had a funny taste.

    the fries were really good. the onion rings were nice too. superior to anything you can find in Miami, but not better than Atlanta’s The Varsity or OK Cafe.

    my favorite item from the meal (and i think everyone else with me was in agreement) was the tempura rutabaga. i’d never had rutabaga before so i was a little skeptical. its pretty much a sweet carrot. it tasted really nice coated in the tempura batter. its like a cross between a sweet potato french fry and a zucchini french fry. i wish i could get some of these in Miami.

    we tried both the krispy kreme and nutella milkshakes for dessert. i ended up drinking about 80% of them both. the burnt marshmallow on top is really yummy but the shakes are nothing special. honestly, i’d rather have a shake from McD’s. in addition to these they have a pistachio and white truffle milkshake and…barf…a fois gras milkshake. that sound was me vomiting in my mouth just thinking about it. that’s beyond douchebaggery, you’d have to be a f*cktard to drink that.

    i don’t know if i’d go back to flip. with so many good places to eat in atlanta i don’t think its worth the time dilly dallying with this menu. and the regular burger should be superb – there’s no excusing the mediocrity.

  • Anonymous

    Okay. So I get the picture that you didn't like Flip. I glad I wasn't deterred by your comments and decided to go anyway. I've eaten burgers around the world and these are not the worst by far, in fact they're good. A friend and I enjoyed every morsel or of our meals. We didn't see anyone walking out on their meals, either. We saw a nice full seating, interesting decor and very attentive wait staff. Can't wait to go back and try more of the interesting menu.

  • Aimee

    I came across this review when Googling "Flip Burger". I was very surprised at the negative review. I have eaten at the ATL one once and the Birmingham one twice and had all great experiences. I love the Farm Burger. The Krispy Kreme milkshake alone is worth the trip and the fries and smoked mayo are AMAZING. I could eat a truckload. Last time I was in Birmingham Blais was there and came over to say hello. He was a great guy and I was thrilled to meet him. Very down to earth guy which I expected after seeing him on tv.

  • http://www.954burgerboi.com/ 954 Burger Boi

    Wow, A total let down. I too am a Top Chef fan and I have been waiting for a reason to go to Atlanta to give it a try! Still will when I get a chance, but I was really looking forward to eating foie gras.

  • Greg

    My wife insisted on our having lunch here. Apparently she had herd about it from a cooking how she watches .
    I am not impressed nor displeased . Indifferent perhaps? . I had the butchers block burger. It was very greasy! However, it was flavorful and outside the norm for a burger . Sadly the portion size left me hungry! I will note that the onion rings were incredible!
    I closing I would suggest at least going once!