Zesto In Atlanta, Georgia

After our experience at Flip Burger Boutique we headed to Zesto but not before we dropped off  our friend who needed to recover after eating at two other places consecutively. John and I stepped into a rather retro looking place with the atmosphere to match. We’re looking over the menu and trying to decide what to eat. We agree to split everything we order.

All Wrapped Up

I order a footlong chili dog, onion rings, fries, a cheeseburger and a Chubby Decker. John looks over to me and asks, now why would you order 2 burgers? My reply was, You don’t come to the house of the Chubby Decker and not get one! We sit down and take a pic of everything before the xmas unwrapping begins.

Chubby Decker

Crinkle Cut Fries

After trying everything I come to one conclusion, it’s all just average tasting. The burgers (including the Chubby Decker) taste like fast food burgers I’ve had before but I just can’t seem to pinpoint the flavor. The fries are crinkle cut and good for what they are, frozen fries. The onion rings, although appearing to be fresh lacked any flavor.

Onion Rings

Footlong Chili Dog

You know what? After thinking about it the only thing I really liked was the footlong chili dog. The chili is more like ground beef with some seasoning which I don’t mind too much. Tasty! By the end of this, John and I were done, or so we thought. We remember, the Vortex was going to be our last stop tonight. Time to rest up.

544 Ponce De Leon NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

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