Worst Fast Food Poll Final Tally

With an astounding 69 votes ( of 253 votes that were cast), McDonald’s was voted Worst Fast Food Burger with 27% of the vote. Actually, that doesn’t make much sense to me, but hey I only cast one vote.

McDonald’s 69 (27%)

Burger King 29 (11%)

Checkers 26 (10%)

White Castle 25 (9%)

Hardee’s 22 (8%)

16 (6%)

Wendy’s 15 (5%)

Carl’s Jr. 10 (3%)

Sonic Drive-In 10 (3%)

Five Guys 8 (3%)

Jack In The Box 8 (3%)

Zesto 4 (1%)

In-N-Out 5 (1%)

The Varsity 3 (1%)

Whataburger 3 (1%)
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  • GhenghisJuan

    the results of this poll are dubious at best. i don’t know where the voters are eating but there is no way in this universe that a 1/16th-inch patty with holes in it from Krystal Burger beats anything served in McD’s, BK, Checkers or Wendy’s.

    Something stinks!