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Ye Olde Falcon Pub In Davie, Florida


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Ye Olde Falcon Pub - Davie, Florida

Had I discovered this place when I was younger I would have appreciated it more. The name alone would have drawn me out to drink and eat here. I’m a sucker for places with interesting names and this is no different.

Ye Olde Falcon Pub - Davie, Florida

It really didn’t take too much hard selling on my part to get my friend Ed to come along with me. As starters we order the Cheddar-filled Jalapeños, Lord Nelson’s Nest Of Nachos (great name) and 10 of their Hot Wings. I did not like Lord Nelson’s Nest Of Nachos but I did like the Chili on it because it had a very distinct taste.

Lord Nelson's Nest of Nachos
Lord Nelson’s Nest of Nachos

Ed who is a Nacho-aholic did not like it all. The Wings were good, just pretty much what you would get at any neighborhood bar. Same thing with the Poppers, but the side of Warm Salsa on Tortilla Chips with melted Cheese was the best thing we had , it should be it’s own starter. Ed decides on the Belly Buster Hot Dog with Cheese and I see my opportunity to order something else I like strictly for the name, the Cara-Cara Burger.

Belly Buster Hot Dog
Belly Buster Hot Dog

Ed’s dog was good and it was lost in a sea of cheese within the bun. My Cara-Cara Burger was an interesting concept. I really couldn’t taste all the flavors ( Bacon, Ham, Swiss Cheese, American Cheese & Sauteed Onions) which is a shame and the Burger itself was nothing particularly new.

Cara-Cara Burger
Cara-Cara Burger

I did like the Fries, who doesn’t love a dinner fry? Overall it was a standard affair with an interesting character (our waiter) who looks like he should have been in Trainspotting , which could be cool thing if this is your neighborhood bar.

Ye Shall Drink At:

Ye Olde Falcon Pub
2867 South University Drive, Davie, FL

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  • GhenghisJuan

    wow. talk about off the beaten path. this looks like the kind of place where they don’t appreciate outsiders.

  • The Burger Beast

    Yeah, I kinda got that feeling also.

  • Ceasetodream

    Isn’t that feeling a general Davie thing?

  • KT

    It is a Brittish Pub – I have been going to it for about 20 years. You didn’t mention any of that type of fare: The Shepards Pie is the BEST (but no veggies – just meat and potatoes). Their Fish and Chips rival most I had in England. Then, there is the beer selection. That alone is worth going to the place! Freshest Tucher on tap that I have found locally.

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