Cheeseburger In Key West, Florida

Cheeseburger? “That’s that Hawaiian burger joint. I hear they got some tasty burgers. I ain’t never had one myself. How are they?” Well, read on.

My wife Marcela and I are walking around Duval St. in Key West looking for somewhere to eat and we come across Cheeseburger. It has everything on the menu I’m looking for (you know what I’m talking about). We sit down and look around at all the decor and they’ve got the Hawaiian thing down.

It turns out there are a few locations in Hawaii as well as one in Las Vegas. I order a Yuengling on draft while Marcela gets the Piña Colada. We order

Onion Rings (duh!)

Good but nothing nothing extraordinary (plus unfortunately no dipping sauce). As we’re eating our O-Rings we notice a pigeon fly in and start walking around on the ground.

Pigeon on the Prowl

Now here’s the crazy part. One of the employees comes out of nowhere with a broom, whacks the bird over the head and throws it into a sack filled with already dead birds. I couldn’t believe it!

Alright, that didn’t happen. That was the version I daydreamed about while Marcela attempted to feed the pigeon. Once the pigeon was done ignoring Marcela, our Burgers were served.

Marcela had Lauren & Edna’s Favorite Cheeseburger which came with a Grilled Maui Pineapple and California Avocado Slices while I got Royal Ali’s Cheeseburger which came with Bacon and a Fried Egg (it also has Thousand Island Dressing).

Lauren & Edna’s Favorite Cheeseburger

Royal Ali’s Cheeseburger

Marcela loved her Burger which I didn’t try because I don’t care too much for Pineapple and I hate Avocado (I know, I know, hate is a strong word) . I tried my burger and I thought it was good. Then Marcela tried my burger and did not want to give it back. Actually, she told me that even though she liked her Burger she wished she had ordered mine. All in all, we liked the place. And…

No pigeons were harmed during this visit

Facebook: Cheeseburger Key West
217 Duval Street, Key West, FL

  • Gary M

    Cheeseburger Key West… I never laughed at a restaurant review before. Hilarious!

  • Women always want what’s yours.