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My wife Marcela’s sister in law is here visiting from Nicaragua….Managua to be exact. Last time she was here, which was about a month and a half ago I spoke to her about burgers there. The Big 3 burger chains over there are McDonald’s, Burger King and Hamburlooca. She also mentioned Cowboy Hamburgers which are apparently sold out of carts on the street and are of questionable meat.

I receive a call from her out of the blue that not only is she back in town but that she brought me a Whopper. I get excited. I also couldn’t believe that they didn’t taken it away from her at the airport. Once she arrives and I have the Burger in my possession my first thought is, what am I going to do with it? Do I really want to eat something she bought last night? It really isn’t a big deal and I’ll tell you why. My cousin Fred and I asked our friend to overnight us some Jack in the Box Sourdough Jacks a few years back. As my luck would have it, it took 2 days to arrive. I would not eat it but Fred went to town on them and he’s still breathing (mostly) today. Using this story as a basis to convince myself that I should eat the Whopper, I decide to at least give it a few bites till I get some sort of flavor profile. Here are our 2 subjects:

The Nicaraguan Whopper
The Nicaraguan Whopper
The US Whopper
The US Whopper
They Don't Appear To Be Too Different In Size
They Don’t Appear To Be Too Different In Size
Let’s do the ole’ cut in half routine:
Nicaraguan Whopper Halves
Nicaraguan Whopper Halves
U.S. Whopper Halves
U.S. Whopper Halves

They look very similar. She brought me the Whopper with no Lettuce, Tomato or Onion so it would travel better which is why I ordered it the same way with both Ketchup and Mayo. My niece Ericka who is witness to this, tried both Whoppers alongside me. No, this was not some Kool-Aid suicide pact although I could pass for the Kool-Aid Man. Both Whoppers tasted similar, but the difference was the Nicaraguan Whopper did not have the broiled flavor Burger King Burgers are known for. It did honestly take us a few bites each to figure this out as we couldn’t grasp what the difference was. Once we realized we were not gonna have anymore I opened the halves and realized what a difference in size there really was.

Whopper Size Halves Comparison
Whopper Size Halves Comparison
Whopper Halves Side View
Whopper Halves Side View

So, now if you’re lost in Nicaragua and need to fill your Burger wishes you know what to expect. Or, you can go to T.G.I. Fridays (I only mention this because there is one in Nicaragua) at your own risk.

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  • FitFoodie

    How long was that whopper on the plane? haha. The American whopper is alot bigger! We sure are gluttons 😉

  • The Chowfather

    She needs to smuggle in one of those Hamburlocas next time…

  • Ericka

    As the Burger Beast mentioned, although the burgers looked and smelled the same, we both noticed a slight difference in the taste. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew it had something to do with the meat. All in all, if I was in Nicaragua, missing a good old Whopper from home, I wouldn't hesitate to have one there.

  • The Burger Beast


    I may have to take a trip to check out Hamburloca.

  • Brian Breslin

    if you are ever in peru, you need to try bembo's burgers. much higher quality meat than burger king (but still fast food burgers).

  • Nick Matyas

    Awesome posting.
    Really nice writing.
    As always ur posts are very helpful.


  • Anonymous

    Fast food is fast food in any country of the world! Crap Food.

    Fast food meat specially BK o Macdonalds is questionable in amy part of the world. I dont see the point of this.

  • Just came upon this page, just in case anyone is interested in sending a Burger King Whopper to friends and family in Nicaragua, you can do it here:

    Enjoy your Whopper! 🙂

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