Burger And Beer Joint In Miami Beach, Florida

Beer and Burger Joint is a Rock n’ Roll Burgerhouse. It’ll remind you of a steakhouse but with great music playing (always a plus). Before I get started on why it is imperative that visit Burger & Beer Joint, you must also bring a group and experience the The Mother Burger. The picture below should say it all:

Mother Burger getting the Saw treatment

I order the Crispy Dill Pickles again because it’s a must try for anyone who comes here. I don’t eat pickles but I love these Pickles.

Crispy Dill Pickles

We also order the Mini Corn Dogs and the Onion Rings. The Mini Corn Dogs are Hebrew National Mini Dogs dipped in corn meal served with a deli mustard.

Great Corn Dogs and awesome Mustard. The Onion Rings are GIANT ( see for yourself in the picture below) and dusted lightly with seasoning. They’re served with a Jalapeño Cheese Dipping Sauce. Nice, crispy and great.

I convince my sister Michelle to order the Sympathy for the Devil while I order the Mustang Sally which I’ve heard good things about.

Mustang Sally

The Mustang Sally which has Prosciutto and Brie cheese is a Godsend. This guy was stupendous. And if Mustang Sally was from the heavens then Sympathy For The Devil is straight from hell.

Sympathy for the Devil Burger

Packing some good heat and topped with Jalapeños, B&B’s Buffalo Chili as well as a Habanero Sauce this burger has me grasping for a way to describe its flavor. I was blown away by it and highly recommend it.

Eat & Drink at:

Burger and Beer Joint
Facebook: Burger and Beer Joint
Twitter: @BurgerBeerJoint
1766 Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL


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  • ChadC

    Beast. You are a living legend. I'm unafraid of food as my belly can attest, but that monster seriously frightened me. Good god, that is a massive burger.

  • Big Daddy

    Best Burger Joint in S. Fla in my book! tried the Kobe and the lobster burger and they are both out of this world! you missed the boat on the Bucket O' Bacon, it is by far the best bacon I've ever had and i agree on the wings, falls off the bone. Everyone should take on "The Beast", great way to blindside a friend and get some laughs.

  • Kitchen Interviewer

    Atomic horseradish sauce? That has my name all over it, too, Beast! Nice post.

  • AdvisorGirl

    Oh Beast –

    You rock!!!



  • Ceasetodream

    Dude, how much does that shit cost?! If you need a doggie bag do they give you bookbag to take it home in? Jeeeeeez!

  • Jim Winters

    hmmmm…i only saw one person last night finish his piece of the ten pounder…i wonder who it was?

  • SuperBee

    I think this place may have the best burgers in Miami, edging out Joe Allen.

    The fried pickles are OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD.

    I was a little disappointed by the Bucket of Bacon – it's the Bacon on the Thunder Road; I thought it was going to be slices of super-thick bacon – like sticks of fried-till-crispy pork belly…

    Still. I love that place.

  • The Burger Beast

    Please don't listen to Jim, he was at another table, lol.

  • Blind Mind

    Beast, that thing is unreal LOL! Great post and collaboration with other bloggers. Do you think there is any one person that could take that thing down solo? Kobayashi maybe? Hahahaha. Im fired up about bucket o' bacon.

  • The Burger Beast


    I couldn't imagine anyone being able to put that thing down, it's over 15 pounds with bread and toppings.

  • Blind Mind

    yeah, that would be painful going in, damaging once fully ingested, and a nightmare on the way out Im sure hahaha