White Castle In Little Ferry, New Jersey

David here again, you know the guy who check out White Manna a few weeks back. White Castle brings back memories from when my pops used to take me to one when I was a kid after a day in the park. Forgive me if this write up is one sided but I’ll try to tell the ,an old Noreaster favorite. These Slyders consist of a real soft bun no bigger than a dollar bill folded in half. A sheet of patty meat about card board thick smothered in diced onion cooked to caramelization. The Slyders are served standard with ketchup and a slice of pickle or two. I really think the onion is key here. With cheese or without, double stacked or with jalapeno, there is something for all taste buds here.

White Castle Menu Board (2009)

There is even a pulled pork slider that was absolutely to die for. I had two of them myself. Fries or onion rings? It’s hard to choose because both are so good. Prices are cheap but I remember the single was 30 cents when I was a child. The White Castle Menu says Crave and so do the little boxes they come in. There is no better word to describe what happens to you once you get hooked on eating White Castle Slyders. You start to crave.

Still in their Boxes

It could happen when you are working, noon hits and you’re getting hungry. Or sometime after midnight in which case you’re in luck because they are open 24 hours a day. Beware though, during the wee hours on Saturday nights the club goers will pack these joints after a drunken blur looking to get sober before going home.

Empty Boxes

If you are ever near a White Castle I urge you to try it and if it’s a group of you, they have their Crave Case for 20 bucks. My Brother and I couldn’t finish the 30 burgers although we were sooo hungry we thought we could.

The Castle of White:

White Castle
Facebook: White Castle
Twitter: @WhiteCastle
310 Bergen Tpke., Little Ferry, NJ


  • Im sorry, but I cant figure out what makes this such a great burger. Is it because its more of a tradition than anything else? Because quite frankly Im not a food or burger snob, but Ive had much better burgers almost anywhere. Its not a bad burger,but far from a great burger! The quality of meat could be better, Ive had a couple of what i hope was only gristle, not something Id expect from a great burger joint. Ive tried them actually a few times cuz my husband loves them, but Im left scratching my head.