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A few folks had told me about this elusive Pincho Man, how he’s had to move around and change his location multiple times. He cooks out of a food truck which means he’s always travel ready. How do you find out where he is? Well, if you call his cell phone he will either disclose his new location and/or give you directions to where he’s at. Ricky aka Pincho Man sells his food Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00 pm to 4:30 am in an area near Doral/Medley/Hialeah.

By the time my wife Marcela and I arrived, there was over 12 people in line (by the time we left over 20). We stood in line only to find out that we had to go to the back of the truck to order first. Here we meet Ricky who takes our order but not before he tells us he’s been doing this for 10 years. I will paraphrase most of what he said.

He loves selling to people.

He loves meeting new people.

Everyone who buys from him are his friends.

Now we can be his friend too (I felt as if I was on a Barney episode)

Pincho Man then does the hand pound with both Marcela and I and asks for our names. Just as we’re getting out the camera to snap a few pictures he tells us “No Pictures!”. He tells me that he likes to keep a low profile.

There’s something wrong with this whole thing. There are 2 Facebook pages and 1 MySpace page (where I got his number from when I called him for directions). Also, not to mention he is wearing a Pincho Man t-shirt that says “My Way OR The Highway” on the back and there’s also a Pincho Man bumper sticker.

I ask him, “Then why are you on MySpace?” His reply “I might be on the moon and I don’t even know it”. I decided at that point it was best give up on that line of questioning or I might not get to try the food. His spent the next 5 minutes explaining to us that his Burgers are called “Off The Chain Burgers”.

Off The Chain Burger
Open Faced Off The Chain

His Hot Dogs are known as “Sammy Dogs”. You can get Pinchos (Steak or Chicken) on a Stick or Deluxe which puts them on Bread with Potato Sticks (something that seems to be on each sandwich).

Sammy Dogs
Steak Pincho Deluxe

Once I place my order for my Off The Chain Burger, Sammy Dog,and Chicken Pincho Deluxe we make our way back to the end of the line we were originally at. We wait till it’s our turn and we repeat our order again “to his friend” aka the lady at the window.  I notice one thing, there is a stack of already cooked Burgers off to one side. We pay for our food and go.

Can someone please answer why he make everyone go to the back of the truck to place an order, then stand in a second line to pick up their food and pay for it if you’re going to be stacking cooked Burgers (and not have the orders ready).

So we proceed to our car to eat since there is nowhere else to eat. The Chicken Pincho Deluxe was the best thing we had and you could taste the seasoning on it.

The Sammy Dog was a very bland tasting Hot Dog with Ketchup, Mustard and Potato Sticks.

The Off The Chain Burger I thought was something I might find at someone’s BBQ. It had some seasoning on it (maybe Mojo), Ketchup, Mustard, BBQ Sauce (UPDATE: which I come to find out is his “Special Sauce”) and Cheese. Nothing special.

Marcela did love it probably because it was super overcooked. Super overcooked as if someone had stacked it on other burgers…wait a second……

The Chicken Pincho Deluxe is the way to go if you decide to check out Pincho Man. I will say it’s worth the adventure to say you did it.

I can’t give you any of his contact info though, remember he’s trying to keep a low profile.

*this post was written in late 2009 and as you can see the pictures are pretty horrible but I think it adds to the charm of the story. Make sure you read the comments below, it’s worth it.

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