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Japanese Hamburger Vending Machine

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Hamburger Vending Machine

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, up pops a manually operated vending machine in Tokyo, Japan that sells Burgers. There’s actually 2 different Burgers machines near each other. One of them sells the “Tateishi Hamburger” for 100 yen ($1.10) while the other sells the “Royal Tateishi Burger” for 300 yen ($3.30).

Tateishi Hamburger
Tateishi Hamburger

The owner says 20 to 30 people order Burgers from the machine. The trick? The machine is attached to a restaurant (it kinda looks like a Burger ATM). Well, as long as the Burgers have not been stewing in some of those machines that sell used panties then I’d go for it. (thanks to Crunch Gear & Joel Kodner)

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