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In a city where it seems hype goes a lot farther than substance, it’s great to run into the real deal. Chef Jeremiah and his gastroPod Mobile Gourmet seem on their way to unleashing a whole bunch of awesome stuff Miami’s way. I became familiar with Chef Jeremiah because of the Cobaya blog. The menu below is a work in progress but it’s off to a great start.

click to enlarge
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The first thing I tried was the Old Dirty Dawg. The Dog was served with “Stupid Slaw” on Potato Bread. The Menu says “maybe Mustard if you’re nice”. I didn’t get mustard, hmm….Did I mention the Hot Dog was Short Rib? Yeah, you need to get on this, it was way good.

Old Dirty Dawg
Old Dirty Dawg

Next up was the Sloppy Jose on White Bread. I didn’t find Jose too Sloppy but I did find him irresistible and also muy bueno.

Sloppy Jose
Sloppy Jose

Batting third was Pulled Pork Sandy on white. The pork had a great smokey flavor. Great taste, loved it.

Pulled Pork Sandy
Pulled Pork Sandy

And finally the Triple Decker Slider Burger on potato bread. A burger stuffed with pork belly? Damn right and it was awesome (although some cheese couldn’t hurt anyone).

Triple Decker Slider Burger
Triple Decker Slider Burger

Right when I was about to leave I ran into Smurphio (from local band Afrobeta). We went to school together back when grunge was in season. After some catching up, I said my goodbyes to the gastroPod as he went to place an order. No doubt, he didn’t leave disappointed.

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  • Angela

    I am missing out on the Gastropod!! You're a genius, Chef Jeremiah Bullfroggie!

  • Carlos

    I recently tried the mo’ better burger at the gastropod, mmm mmm
    Mmm! What flavor, I had it with nothing but cheese and then another day “all the way”. Either way you can’t go wrong. Thank you!

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