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I was with my friend Ghenghis Juan, alright just Juan and he wanted to stop in and pick up something quick at the Bagel Emporium in Coral Gables. He asked if I wanted anything and I was in the mood for a Hot Dog, so I went with it. It came with a side of Fries. He insisted that I also take a Back & White Cookie. I agreed cause I’m easy like that.

Bagel Emporium & Grille

Bagel Emporium & Grille

Bagel Emporium & Grille

When I got back to my office, I laid out the grub on my desk. First up was the Hot Dog. Very good Beef Dog on an equally great roll. I did add a little bit of yellow to liven it up a bit. The Fries I was not a fan of. I lean towards fresh cut but I have a personal grudge against frozen Fries that have a sugar coating on it, guilty as charged.

It was a smart call by Juan on the Cookie. Not only did I really enjoy it but they reminded me of the ones my Mom used to bring me when I was a kid from a little place outside of the Burdine’s in Westland Mall.

Bagel Emporium & Grille
1238 S Dixie Hwy Coral Gables, FL 33146

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