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Scotty’s Landing In Coconut Grove, Florida

Water View

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Scotty's Landing In Coconut Grove

I’ve never been to a marina much less walked through one. Scotty’s Landing is located right next to Grove Key Marina in Coconut Grove. Nelson is a big fan of this place and suggested we meet up for some lunch here. Somehow Nelson tricks me into sitting where he wants and I end up with a view of this tree.

Tree View
My View for the next Hour and a 1/2

While I was kidding about that, you can have a nice view of the water while there.

Water View
Water View

To start with we order the Hot Wings and some Nachos. The Wings actually arrive first and we dig in.

Hot Wings
Hot Wings

They are served with two packets of Blue Cheese and Celery Sticks. Nelson being the gentleman that he believes he is, hands me my packet. And then I realize why he’s so courteous. The packet is all covered in Buffalo Sauce while his is clean. I return the favor and smear Buffalo Sauce on his while he’s answering a phone call (there’s nothing like behaving like a child with your friends). The Wings have a nice Buffalo Sauce (not too hot) with a slight taste of Garlic.


The Nachos were your standard stuff topped with Nacho Cheese, Chili, Jalapenos and Black Olives. For our actual meal we both order the Triple Cheeseburger (triple Cheese not triple Beef) and I also order a Chili Dog for good measure. The Triple Cheeseburger while good wasn’t going to set your heart on fire. It was served with Dinner Fries which I love.

Triple Cheeseburger
Triple Cheeseburger
Chili Cheese Dog
Chili Cheese Dog

The Chili Dog was also pretty good and I liked the Hot Dog better than the Chili topping. Sure, Scotty’s Landing doesn’t have the best Burger in town but if you’re looking for a place to relax, drink some ice cold beer and catch up with some friends then you’ve found the place.

Scotty’s Landing
3381 Pan American Drive, Coconut Grove, FL

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  • Patrick Drake

    3 out of 5. This site is a joke.

  • Tiffany

    Scotty’s is great! Even though it’s just bar food it is great..big fan of the hot wings! Recently I stopped by another place near Villa Mayfair..very upscale place compared to Scotty’s obviously..I would suggest stoping by!

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