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Elevation Burger In Coral Springs, Florida – CLOSED

Elevation Burger

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Elevation Burger - Coral Springs, Florida

There are 2 things that set Elevation Burger apart from the majority of burger joints. The beef is ground fresh at each location (it’s 100% grass fed organic free range beef) and the fries are cooked in olive oil. So what does that mean for you? Taste. The burgers are cooked on a griddle and are available in either Hamburger, The Elevation Burger (double patty) or Vertigo Burger (build a 3 to 10 patty sandwich). You can of course add “Real Cheddar Cheese” to the burgers as well.

There’s also a Veggie option of either a Fire Roasted Burger or a “Tastes Like Veggies” (for Vegans) Burger. The Half The Guilt Burger which is one regular patty and one veggie patty of your choice is available too. How about their Elevation Salad, Grilled Cheese or having your burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun? If you’re looking to eat Burgers but also looking to cut some of the calories then this might be the place for you. And if you’re not, there’s still Real Ice Cream Shakes and Cookies on the menu too.

What did I have?

Elevation Burger
Elevation Burger

I ordered the Elevation Cheeseburger with Elevation Sauce. I loved it and thought it had great flavor. The Elevation Sauce is very similar to a Thousand Island Dressing. I personally could have done without it and in subsequent visits have realized Mustard is the way to go here. The patties aren’t large so make plans to possibly get another.

Elevation Fries
Elevation Fries

Elevation Fries are fresh cut and it comes through in the taste. I’m sure the fact they’re cooked in Olive Oil helps a little. They were amazing, Yes….Amazing!

Veggie Burger
Veggie Burger

The Half The Guilt Burger was good. There I said it, I can admit I liked the taste of the Veggie Patty. The Shakes are made of real Ice Cream using your choice of either Vanilla, Chocolate or Coffee Ice Creams but were nothing special.

Chocolate Shake
Chocolate Shake

And the Cookies, well they’re available in either Small or Large. The only Cookie is a Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pecan Cookie made with Organic Eggs and Butter. I don’t like Pecans but I overlooked it because these were so rich and just plain good.

When it was all said and done I went back and had another Elevation Cheeseburger (with Grilled Onions) and another order of Fries because sometimes, you have to do what you have to.

Elevate Yourself:

Elevation Burger is CLOSED
2908 University Drive, Coral Springs, FL

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  • gcbron

    The burger looks amazing but the location is geographically undesirable.

  • Joan Nova

    I missed this post. This is definitely my kind of burger joint. I'd go for the "half the guilt"!

  • Irma

    It’s awesome specially if your looking for gluten free burger and fries.

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