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Q American Barbeque – Miami Design District, Florida – CLOSED

Q Barbecue

While I’m no Barbecue expert, I know good food when I taste it. Q American Barbeque is located in the Miami Design District and has a comfy (Yes, I really did just say comfy) look to it. I felt right at home when I walked in (it didn’t hurt that some blues music was playing).

This Pump Greets You At Q
This Pump Greets You At Q

I ordered some Wings which were crispy and had an intense smokey BBQ flavor. They were delicious. None of the food at Q is smothered in sauces, by the way, that’s up to you. This is dry rub terrain.

The Sauces At Q
The Sauces At Q

Your options are St. Louis Cider Mustard (sweet, thick and very mustardy), Memphis Dark Sugar & Vinegar (sweet), Guava Habanero Parilla (liquidy, smokey and slightly sweet) and KC Light Tomato & Spice (vinegary tomato). After trying all of them a couple of times I settled on using the St. Louis Cider Mustard. Were wings enough? Of course not, so I also had the NC Pulled Pork Sliders. The Sliders were served on Potato Rolls and topped with Cole Slaw.

NC Pulled Pork Sliders
NC Pulled Pork Sliders

They were right on but I now had my sites set on the Q Burger. If you’re also a Soda aficionado like myself you will appreciate the fact that Q has Coke (Mexican), RC Cola, Orange Crush, Dr. Pepper and a few other glass bottled sodas. Now back to the main event…The Q Burger is a 10 ounce Burger topped with Cheddar, Pit Roasted Onions and served on an Onion Roll. I added some Applewood Bacon to it.

The Q Burger
The Q Burger

Q Burger

There’s nothing better than eating a Burger and having the freshness of the beef come right through. It had a nice smoke flavor and the taste of the Bacon was really pronounced.  Q really was a great Burger. I came back a few days later and shared Q Zilla (2 Spare Ribs, 2 Baby Backs, 1/2 Pit Chicken, 1/2 Pound of Pulled Pork, Cole Slaw, Pit Beans, House Made Pickles and Cornbread) with my wife. I was floored by Q’s food and I think you might be too.

Q American Barbeque is Closed
4029 North Miami Avenue

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