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72nd Bar And Grill – South Miami, Florida – CLOSED


72nd Bar + Grill is located in South Miami not too far from Sunset Place. After looking over the lunch menu and the 8 Burgers on it (9 if you count the PortobelloBurger on the Vege lovers portion of the Menu), I’m torn. Should I go with the 305 (Ham, Swiss Cheese, Pickles & Yellow Mustard) or the Juancho (Cheddar Cheese, Sunny Side Up Egg, Bacon & Chimichurri Mayo)? After much deliberating and consulting with my lawyer (who I happen to be having lunch with)  a decision is made: the Juancho. Nelson also happens to be the person who suggested I check out 72nd Bar + Grill. He ordered the Trini which is a Lamb Burger with BBQ Sauce, Habanero Mayo, and Cole Slaw. The Juancho was served with your choice of sides and Sweet Potato Fries it is. The Sweet Potato Fries were good as were the regular Fries I stole from Nelson’s plate.

The Juancho - A Mountain of a Burger
The Juancho – A Mountain of a Burger

The Juancho itself was a mountain of a Burger. The Burgers are 12 oz. which I’m sure I don’t have to tell you are rather large. The hand made patties are thick which I’m not really a fan of. Why? Generally, the thick patties end up dried out if not cooked properly but…I was in luck. I asked for Medium and I received…….Medium.

A Look Inside the World of the Juancho
A Look Inside the World of the Juancho

It was nice and juicy and I took a real liking to the Chimichurri Mayo. Well, more than a liking, I’ll go with a bit of infatuation.

The Trini
The Trini

Nelson ate his Trini (he loved it) but was not able to finish his Fries which is where my fry thievery came into play. I would suggest you ask for a side of the Chimichurri Mayo for dipping your Fries. If you can pack in some more then there are some good looking Shakes on the menu including a Bailey’s Mint Chocolate Shake (with White Chocolate Shavings). You could also dip your Fries in the Shake if you’re into that sort of thing. Us more civilized types just suck them down via a straw, no papitas necessary.

72nd Bar + Grill is Closed
5861 Sunset Drive Drive, South Miami, FL

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  • Amazing … to be meandering through blogs and come across your delicious offering. The photographs are juicy. Your words are juicy. I live in NYC and have a condo in Palm Coast and within an half and hour or so are some off the track restaurants with the best burgers, cheese steaks and french fries that even NYC can't match. The photos in this post seriously caused drooling. I thank you for your dedication and education –

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