The Rolling Stove Truck: Soon All Over South Florida

The Rolling Stove
The Rolling Stove

“My menu is simple due to space. I have a special blend of meats for my burger, It’s a combo of skirt steak, ribeye,and bacon that i grind all together. I guess you would have to call it a steak burger. I also will be doing jerk, chicken, pork, rice. The jerk can be a sandwich or served over rice. I also do what i will call jerk fried rice ( … kind of like jambalaya) with chicken or pork in it as well as some veggies, Roasted jerk wings. Hand cut fries that you can get with a midwest cheddar cheese called merkts on them (can you say obscene). Fried onion loaf and lots of specials on the weekends ribs,shrimp,fish. and of course a few deserts. Everything will be made by me fresh daily.”

He’s looking for locations to park, so make sure you hit him up on their Facebook page with your suggestions:

The Rolling Stove
Facebook: The Rolling Stove
Twitter: @TheRollingStove

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2 thoughts on “The Rolling Stove Truck: Soon All Over South Florida

  • May 17, 2010 at 1:54 PM

    The area code on the truck is for Palm Beach County. I hope he makes it as far south as the 305 area code

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