You Know What’s Really Good: The Wieners At Papaya Dog In New York

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Papaya Dog Sign

Right down the street from the IFC Theater in the West Village I came across Papaya Dog. It was late and I was hungry. 2 Hot Dogs later I was satisfied. The Papaya Dog is very reminiscent of a Sabrett dog and it just might be a Sabrett dog. It had a nice pop when I bit into it. The deli mustard on it was great too with the little back end horseradish flavor. You can’t miss with this late night inexpensive wiener.

2 Papaya Dogs Slathered with Deli Mustard
2 Papaya Dogs Slathered with Deli Mustard

Papaya Dog
Neighborhood: West Village
333 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY

  • Ricky

    They’re good, but Gray’s Papaya has the best.

  • I agree about Gray’s Papaya… AND if you skipped the Papaya Nectar, you’re missing out!! It perfectly balances that spicy, garlicky *snap*!