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Dog House Fast Food is a Colombian fast food joint located in Hialeah. For those of you looking for some late night eats, they’re open late on the weekends (til 6am on Friday and Saturday). It was midnight by the time we walked in and were checking out the menu. Someone had just walked out so we were alone with the man behind the counter. ┬áThe Hawaiian Dog & Hamburger is what we were leaning towards. So we order and…..they’re out of Hamburgers. So we decide on the Hawaiian Dog and the Chicken Burger. The man disappears (not literally)but to the back. I’m looking around at the decor and I notice something strange.

Menu Board
Menu Board
Is that a Double Whopper in that pic?
Is that a Double Whopper in that pic?

The Burger pictures on the menu and on the front on the counter seem familiar. Yup, it’s just as I thought. A Double Whopper. A Double Whopper? What the hell? The dude comes back with our Hot Dog and Chicken Candwich (let’s not lie to ourselves here, this isn’t a Chicken Burger). It’s processed Chicken in patty form.

Doghouse Chicken Burger
Doghouse Chicken Burger
What's in the Sandwich
What’s in the Sandwich

The toppings for the Chicken Burger are Cheese, their House Sauce and we add Bacon (hey, what the hell). All things considered, it tasted OK for what it was. The Hawaiian Dog with its Pineapple Sauce, House Sauces and fresh Julienne Potatoes had a great taste.

Hawaiian Dog
Hawaiian Dog

The Dog itself was a little on the small side but at least it was Beef (and not some Chicken/Pork mix). While I wouldn’t tell you to go out of your way to come here and eat, it makes for a great midnight snack if you’re in the area.

Eat Late, Well Maybe:

7672 Northwest 186 Street, Hialeah, FL

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  • Edric

    You should have known better all those colombian food places are shit.

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