The Rolling Stove From Delray Beach: A Florida Street Food Truck

The Rolling Stove is a sight to behold. There’s definitely no driving by and missing it. After I made sure there were no coppers around I made a u-turn and parked in an the abandoned gas station they were parked in. I’ve been memorizing the menu for a bit now so of course my focus is on the Stove Burger.

Rolling Stove Menu – July 2010 (click to enlarge)

The Burger aka Stove Burger is 7 ounces with optional toppings that include either Grilled or Fried Onion Strings. It also comes with Cheddar Cheese, Mayo and Ketchup. Wait wait wait..don’t get in an uproar, yes there is Ketchup but I actually didn’t realize it when I was eating it. It’s a very behind the scenes kind of thing, so behind the scenes I had no idea. The bread is from a local bakery and is lightly toasted (its got sesame seeds for those of you who might care about that sort of thing).

The “Stove Burger”

The Burger was delicious. It was cooked a perfect medium and had a nice crust on the outside (which you like to see on burgers cooked on a griddle). The Fries are fresh cut and can also be topped with Cheddar Cheese. You can’t ever go wrong with fresh cut fries.

Cheddar Fries

But for me, as good as the fries were, Ron’s Bites were that much better. Ron’s Bites are fried Baked Potato Slices covered in Cheddar Cheese. They would be just as great without the Cheese too. Did I really just say that?

Ron’s Bites

There’s a Jerk Chicken Sandwich which is Pulled Chicken on Texas Toast and topped with Cheddar Cheese spread, Fried Onions and Coleslaw. While it doesn’t state it on the menu, the Jerk Chicken Sandwich is a bit spicy (which is fine by me).

Jerk Chicken Sandwich

I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the Jerk Sauce (since I’m no Jerk expert) but I liked the flavors. There are also Jerk Wings but by this point I was stuffed. I couldn’t make it to dessert, which is a shame because I wanted to try the Key Lime pie.


The Rolling Stove
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  • Anonymous

    I have literally tried everything on The Rolling Stove's menu, and can say that you can't go wrong with ordering any of it!! I would have to say my 2 favs are the Stove Burger and the Sloppy Jerk.

  • Rena

    Just had the Sloppy Jerk. That was soooooooo good.

  • Marcia

    I finally tried the Stove Burger last night! The burger itself was delicious!!! The toppings were awesome & all worked really well together. I totally agree that you can’t even tell it has ketchup! My only criticism was the bun, for whatever reason I just wasn’t feeling it. And $8 & change for just a burger was a tad much. Why have all the food trucks gotten so expensive? :( Still I gotta say it was a really really yummy burger!

    • Jaye Leitch

      food trucks cost about $150 a day to run, which includes, gas for the truck, the generator, overhead : food cost, and employees. As a food truck owner, I find it very important to educate people on this.

  • Cris

    Is it wrong to say I moved a little…ya know..down there?

  • Derek

    Best Burger I’ve ever had!!!