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The Grinder: SoBe & NY Wine and Food Festival’s Lee Schrager

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Most folks know Lee Schrager as the director of the SoBe and NY Wine & Food Festivals. I happen to think of Lee more as a Burger ambassador and giant Burger fan (which explains why the Burger Bash at both festivals are the world series of Burger events). So it’s a good thing he’s agreed to get put through The Grinder as I’ve got some questions that need answering.

BB: What’s your favorite type of burger?

LS: Patty Melt

BB:What’s the best burger you’ve had this year?

LS: I’m a Shake Shack Addict. I’d heard that Lure in New York City is pretty good but I have not been there to try it yet. So for me Shake Shack is still the best this year.

BB: What’s the best burger you’ve ever had?

LS: I think I have to say, one that I grilled myself a few summers back in The Hamptons using Pat La Frieda Black Label meat. It’s the best burger I can remember eating.

BB: When is a Frita (Cuban Hamburger) going to be included in the South Beach Burger Bash?

LS: With your help in securing them, we would love to invite a Frita burger chef to the Festival’s 10th anniversary this year and the 5th anniversary of Burger Bash.

BB: When will Bobby Flay win a Burger Bash? Is he the Susan Lucci of the Burger Bash?

LS: Sadly it appears he is the Susan Lucci of Burger Bash because he’s always in the Top 3 but can never win the top prize.

BB: I’ve got a couple of suggestions for next year’s South Beach Burger Bash, can I send them your way?

LS:Yes, of course!

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