IN-N-OUT Burger – Daly City, California

My first stop while vacationing in San Francisco is IN-N-OUT Burger. I got the feeling that I was in a 1950’s diner when I walked in. Since I had never been to an IN-N-OUT before, I should have probably ordered a regular Double Double (Double Patty with 2 slices of Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions & IN-N-OUT Sauce), but I just needed to order from the “Secret Menu”. The Secret Menu which is the “Not-So-Secret Menu” anymore contains variations on their Burgers and Fries not on the regular order board.

I had a Double Double Animal Style (same toppings as a Double Double but your patty is Mustard cooked with Pickle, extra Sauce and Grilled Onions) and Animal Style Fries (Fries topped with Cheese, Grilled Onions and Sauce) with a Chocolate Shake.

This has to be the best tasting Fast Food Burger I have ever had. It was so juicy and full of flavor. You can taste the freshness of the meat and the Fries were crispy. The best part was I got to watch as the potatoes were cut, fried and served to me. As an added bonus, this location has a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts right next door, win-win.

260 Washington St, Daly City, CA