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Jefe’s Original Fish Taco & Burgers hit Miami like a tidal wave in early August of 2010 with its Ensenada Style Tacos. Jack Garabedian, the owner of Jefe’s has over 25 years of fine dining experience but instead he opted to go a different route with his food truck. His fans are certainly glad for that and so am I as nothing hits the spot better than a Double Cheezer Miami Style with some Real Deal Fries and an Ensenada Style Fish Taco on the side.

Jefe’s Menu

Ensenada Style Fish Tacos

Tacos Carnitas


Real Deal Fries

Double Cheezer Miami Style

Chocolate Wipeout

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  • Carlos

    The Double Cheezer Miami Style is amazing!

    • Venecia

      No prices on the menu!

  • Lysa

    I am obsessed with your FISH TACOS!!!! I just went shopping for my lunch aT Midtown and when I got out of the parking lot I saw you guys… I wish I would have seen you first!!!!!
    Awesome! Dont ever retire ;)

  • REMY

    I finally tried your fish tacos last night at the BTTR and it was AMAZING! It made me want more but it started raining so hard that I had to leave :( The only thing I think that you can improve is your staff. They are not attentive at all and a bit rude.