The Grinder: Michael’s Genuine – Chef Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz is having a stellar year. The man behind Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink won the Golden Grill Award at the SoBe Burger Bash 2010 as well as a James Beard award for Best Chef: South. And as if that wasn’t enough, his Harris Ranch Black Angus Burger (served only on the lunch menu) continues to rock the world of anyone who tries it. It was time I send a few ?s his way, it’s time for him to get put through The Grinder:

BB: How long did it take you to come up with the Harris Ranch Black Angus Burger?

MS: All of 5 seconds. It’s a no-brainer. Use the best ingredients and make it yourself.

BB: Is the Brioche Bun part of what makes your burger so stellar?

MS: Absolutely. It’s all about the individual components coming together to make something great.

BB: The #1 mistake people make when creating burgers at home is….

MS: Putting too much crap in it. Buy good products and leave it alone. Especially when it’s cooking.

BB: What’s your favorite fast food burger?

MS: Anywhere the burger comes from meat from one cow. So… 86 fast food!!

BB: Look, you can be honest with me. Have you ever put catsup on one of your burgers?

MS: Fuck yeah except spelled ketchup, and with a Heinz label on the bottle. Too bad they got rid of the pickle, though.

BB: Rumor has it that you are using your Golden Grill award as a bowl to eat cereal for breakfast. Is this true?

MS: Funny you mention it. Harry, my seven year old, likes to use the Christofle tray for his pancakes. Maybe silver makes them taste better.

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