Mamita Linda Food Truck Coming Soon

The Mamita Linda Truck should be hitting the streets of Miami the second weekend in September. The Menu features Weniki Sliders (topped with Bacon and Pineapple Chunks), the Mamacita (a Pulled Pork Sandwich), El Taino (their take on a Cuban Sandwich), El Guapo (a Chorizo Sandwich), Tacos & even Salad versions of their Sandwiches. A couple of sides like Sweet Potato Fries & Tamal con Mojo round out the Menu.

Check out the full menu below:

Weniki Sliders $7
Three (3) savory 100% Beef Sliders, topped with bacon and pineapple chunks/ served with Mariquitas w/Mojo (Plaintain Chips)
(Add Pepper Jack/Swiss cheese .70 cents)

Weniki Sliders

Mamacita $6
Pulled Pork Shoulder, topped with our flavorful “Mamacita” sauce and sliced red onions/ served with Mariquitas w/Mojo
(Add Asadero cheese .35 cents)

The Mamacita

El Taino $6.50
Roasted Pork, Ham, Swiss Cheese, Pickles, Mustard & Mayonnaise pressed on Cuban Bread/ served with Mariquitas w/Mojo
El Guapo $4
Chorizo split down the middle, served on a bun with Chimichurri sauce/served with Mariquitas w/Mojo
Cielito Lindo Tacos $2.50
Mamita’s Pico de Gallo (Mild or Hot), Guacamole, Sour Cream & Queso Fresco with a choice of:
Grilled Chopped Chicken,
Pulled Pork
Shredded Beef
Choose one:
Mamacita Pulled Pork served with House Salad,
Grilled Chopped Chicken served with House Salad,
Shredded Beef served with House Salad,
Dressing: Thousand Island, Balsamic Vinegarette & Ranch
Sweet Potato Fries…………… $2.50
Tamal con Mojo……………….. $3.00

Mamita Linda is no longer in business.

Follow Mamita:

Mamita Linda is CLOSED
Facebook: Mamita Linda
Twitter: MamitaLindaMia


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