Juicy Lucy Crawl – The Nook , The 5-8 Club , & Matt’s Bar – St. Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota

This review might get a bit confusing so please try to follow along.

The Twin Cities in Minnesota are considered the birthplace of the “stuffed burger” or as it’s known here the “Juicy Lucy”. There are 3 bars which at one point or another have been awarded the prize of Best Burger, The Nook in St. Paul,  The 5-8 Club and Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis. The first thing you have to know is that I wasn’t impressed with any of them; they were all good but not great. The only thing I can attribute this to is having had such great burgers in other parts of the country that are made with much higher quality meat. If I were to create my perfect Twin Cities Juicy Lucy it would consist of the bun from The Nook, the cheese from the 5-8 Club and the beef from Matt’s Bar. My first visit was to The Nook in St. Paul:

The Nook

The Juicy Nookie Burger

The Juicy Nookie Burger

The Juicy Nookie was a ¼ pound burger on a fresh baked bun from the bakery next door with American cheese (which I’m pretty certain were Kraft Singles). The burger was lacking a little seasoning but was cooked a perfect medium and the fresh cut fries were amazing. Next stop, The 5-8 Club:

5-8 Club

5-8 Club's The Juicy Lucy

5-8 Club’s The Juicy Lucy

The Juicy Lucy at the 5-8 Club, a ¼ burger with real American cheese on soft bun had by far the best cheese. Again I thought the burger was under seasoned, the fries were of the frozen variety and probably my least favorite. I was really hoping that the Jucy Lucy (sic) at Matt’s Bar would impress me:

Matt's Bar

Matt's Jucy Lucy

Matt’s Jucy Lucy

There was a wait at Matt’s Bar which I was hoping was a good sign. Matt’s Bar had the best meat of the 3 places. It was seasoned well and had a nice char on the outside to seal everything in. I found the American cheese to be too runny probably because of the small amount of cheese they used and the bun was nothing special. The fries here were also frozen but they were nice and hot shoestring fries.

If I have to pick one place to eat at next time I’m here I’d choose The Nook. The Juicy Nookie was good and the fries were awesome.

Choose Wisely:

The Nook
492 Hamline Avenue South, St Paul, MN

The 5-8 Club
5800 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

Matt’s Bar
3500 Cedar Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN

  • Ricky T

    I have had all three. I make a pretty good Juicy Lucy myself, but if I had to vote for one, it would be the Nook burger, with Matt's at a close and narrow second. The Nook fries are the best! I will recommend a side of Chipotle mayo for fry dipping. Just a thought.