The Hamptons, Burger Bloodbath – August 25th 2010

Burger Bloodbath

The winner of the 4th annual Burger Bloodbath not only received the glory of a Burger Bloodbath victory but also a spot at the New York Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash. The six competitors:

  1. Patrick Connoley & Carlos Suarez
  2. Cobi Levy & Andrew Pressler
  3. Jeff Schwartz of Crow’s Nest
  4. 2008 Champion Mo Koyfman
  5. Joe “Bay Burger” Tremblay
  6. Larry Kramer & Don Hartwick

The judges were Pat LaFrieda (the supplier of the meat), Kate Krader (editor at Food & Wine), Josh Capon (head chef at Lure Fishbar in Soho) and Lee Schrager (director of the South Beach & NYC Wine and Food Festivals). Mo Koyfman won with a burger topped with tomatoes, pickle, lettuce, American cheese, ketchup, and Dijon mustard. Congratulations to organizer Ben Leventhal on what I heard was a successful event. All pictures are courtesy of Lee Schrager.

Pat LaFrieda, Kate Krader, Josh Capon and Lee Schrager

Pat LaFrieda, Kate Krader, Josh Capon and Lee Schrager

Mo's Winning Burger

Mo’s Winning Burger

Burger 1

Burger 2

Burger 3

Burger 4

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