Burger Beast’s The Grinder: Grill ‘Em All Truck

Grill ‘Em All Truck has been featured on Travel Channel’s Food Wars and this upcoming Sunday they will be on the Season Finale of Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race (They won). The most important thing about them is that they’re all about the burger with some metal on the side. I’m a fan and you should be too! So with further ado, here’s Matt & Ryan getting put through The Grinder:

Burger Beast: What’s the best selling Burger on your truck and why do you think it’s so popular?

Matt: The Behemoth is selling like crazy…Ryan 86’d the bun on that one and replaced it with grilled cheese sandwiches. That’s probably why it sells so much. People like to accomplish things and eating a Behemoth is truly an accomplishment.
Ryan: There’s also the waste em all (green chilies, pepper jack, and beer soaked onions), kids love it cause there’s beer in the onions. Also, all our specials sell really well. The “exciter” – duck confit sauteed in savory orange marmalade with garlic aioli and lettuce…on a burger. That thing is intense!

BEAST: Your favorite burger topping?

Matt: Besides human calf flesh? I really like pastrami on burgers. Meats should hang out more.
Ryan: I love meat on meat, it’s a beautiful thing. Buffalo chicken is awesome and I gotta agree with Matt, pastrami is absolutely the shit on burgers!

BEAST: What was the inspiration for the ‘blue cheer’ Burger? Munchos is such a great idea.

Matt: Ryan is inspired to greatness by booze and 80s metal videos on VH1 classics. Though I do not speak for him. I’m just guessing.
Ryan: I loved Munchos as a kid. I was a fat kid…now I’m a fat man. Munchos are so salty and light it works so well w the blue cheese and gastrique, and you still get that nice crunch that goes well with burger. Damnit, now I’m hungry

Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All

Grill ‘Em All’s Logo

BEAST: Love the logo but has Metallica contacted you about it?

Matt: No but if they did they would probably say… Damn you guys rule so hard, keep up the good work you handsome dukes of burger-dom.
Ryan: Matt summed that up perfectly

BEAST: Have you considered banning anyone from eating at your truck for adding ketchup to the Burger?

Matt: I love ketchup on everything so, no, never considered it. But we have banned people for saying dumb shit on Twitter and for being general fuck tards.
Ryan: Nah, I like ketchup. But it is fun to ban people for being idiots. It happens more than you’d think. #1 offense: telling us how to run our business. #1 response: get yer own fucking truck, yer banned. Hahaha!

BEAST: Marry-F@ck-Kill : Austin Daily Press, Spencer on the Go or Nom Nom. By the way, killing Tyler Florence is an option, just throwing that out there.

Marry: Nom Nom – they seem like they are the nurturing type. Plus we all know they made tons of money in Santa Fe.
Fuck: ADP – they, as a team, seem like they would be good in bed…as a team. Weird.
Kill: Grill Em All – for being too bad ass for their own good.
Woof that’s a tough one.
Marry: Austins, I already got the tattoo and I love them to death. Spencer is a runner up though cause I love them too and Laurant can cook his ass off
Fuck: I believe we fucked em all
Kill: no one. I’m a lover not a fighter. And a damn good one at that, ask my girlfriend.

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