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Do my eyes deceive me? I thought to myself. Caveman and I had just been to Yellow Submarine and followed that up with Hot Dog El Paisa when we saw Asados El Paisa across the street. Yes, we were stuffed but no, that didn’t stop us. All 3 spots have one thing in common, they’re all Colombian style food. Asados El Paisa is cooking on a rigged up Hot Dog Cart with a BBQ Grill attachment.

Asados El Paisa BBQ Rig
Asados El Paisa BBQ Rig

We order the Hamburguesa (Burger), Perro (Hot Dog) and Carne Asada w/ Arepa and Papa (Steak on an Arepa and served with Roasted Potatoes). The Steak was the best of the 3.

Carne Asada on an Arepa
Carne Asada on an Arepa

It was cooked a nice medium and was placed on top of the Arepa which was sopping up some of the juices. The Arepa was doing double duty by oozing some cheese. The Roasted Potatoes while simple tasted great. The Burger and the Hot Dog were a bit of a disappointment.


They didn’t cheap out on the Wiener, it was an all beef Hot Dog but the Pineapple Sauce topping was just too potent. It overwhelmed every single bite in a bad way, making it difficult to enjoy the crumbled Potato Chips and other Sauce. The Burger had the same issues. There is also Chicken & Pinchos (Kabobs) on the menu which looked and smelled pretty good. I’d stick to the Steak and take a chance on the Pincho, but hey, that’s just me.

Asados El Paisa
The address on the pic above is not correct, I would call and ask their location

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